Director: Tommy Bertelsen
Writer: Kristen Ruhlin
Producers: Darren Goldberg, Cary Granat, and Ed Jones
Production Start Date: February 6, 2017
Post Production Completed: September 16, 2017
Sales Agency: XYZ Films


Director: James DiSalvio
Writer: TBD
Producer: Darren Goldberg
Development: October 2017
Logline:  KOZMIKA is a cross between GREASE, set in Hollywood, with the comedic wit of GET SHORTY and Rock & Roll of THE BLUES BROTHERS, in a sci-fi musical comedy dreamed up by a Stan Lee/Kubrick that can dance like Astaire: KOZMIKA is the story of a ‘one hit wonder’ and Hollywood dreamer, whose fall from grace is at it’s lowest when he comes up with one final act to make it all right again with `Kozmika – The Supermusikal!’ By mixing Comic Books with Rock & Roll, our dreamer soon realizes the fate of not only his world, but the whole world, may be in his hands…